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Pet Cremations

All Private Cremation pricing includes free pickup and return of your Loved One within a beautiful Cedar Urn with their name engraved on top. All taxes are included. 

We will never take longer than 10 business days for

your Family Member to be returned to you.

There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Don't be Mis-led by Companies offering "Starting at $99."

Fees will be added after the fact, costing you much more.

  You will never have to worry about where your

Family Member is. We always maintain contact throughout the entire process. Every call or inquiry is answered withing 30 minutes to one hour.

It is our Mission to give you the best experience possible during such a sad time.

We provide a hassle and worry-free experience

from start to return. 

Veteran and Family Owned and Operated 

Conveniently Located in the South Bay

Serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Where Your Loved Ones

Will Be Always Here With You

Call Us Today  310.502.5063


Private Cremation

We offer Private Cremation, ensuring your Loved One is secluded for their own Cremation. Each Loved One has a private, unaccompanied space. There is absolutely no co-mingling of ashes. We never build brick separations between those in our care, unlike some other companies do to save money.  We utilize a metal tag tracking system from pick up until return of your Loved One's ashes, ensuring complete integrity during the entire process

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Communal Cremation

We offer Communal Cremation as an alternative option for your Loved One to be Cremated along with others. Once the ashes are ready, they will be scattered at sea with a local Boy Scout Chapter and returned to Nature in a caring and responsible Ceremony.  Communal Cremation is an option for families who do not wish to have their Loved One's Remains be returned.

Our Services

Our Services Include Private or Communal Cremation.

A Complimentary Engraved Cedar Urn, as well as free pickup and return delivery is included

with the Private Cremation Service.

There are absolutely no hidden fees added on later.

We use newly manufactured, state of the art machinery. 

We would be honored to assist your Family, should you find yourself in need of our Services.

You and your Loved One have shared a life together, and now you can continue that love. 

Contact Us


Redondo Beach, CA, USA

Please don't be Mis-led by

Companies offering "Starting at $99."

Fees will be added after the fact,

costing you much more.

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"The most kind, caring and respectful staff came to my aide and were there to help. I don't know what I would have done without them"
"David was so compassionate and helpful. I appreciated his empathetic, gentle nature and excellent service" 
"The Always Here staff are unmatched in care, warmth and professionalism. My family will be forever grateful"


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